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Paramo, Teverga - Asturias

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The Bear Trail by Bike

The path of the bear is one of the best known and most visited natural trails in Asturias, being an ideal route to be traveled by bicycle, with friends and family and is suitable for children of all ages.

Cycling through La Senda del Oso is a way to take advantage and enjoy it to the fullest, as it allows you to take advantage of the time and you can visit in a few hours the most important parts of it as tunnels, bridges, gorges and thus enjoy a spectacular environment with very little effort.

On the route you can pass next to the bear enclosure, with many possibilities to observe the Molinera, Tola, Paca and Furacu bears in semi-freedom at any time of the day.

The enchanting Xiblu Waterfall in Teverga, Asturias

An easy and suitable route for all audiences, which can be visited even with wheelchairs or strollers
To visit and enjoy La Cascada del Xiblu you have to make a route between mountain trails and small waterfalls at an approximate height of 100 meters.

The route starts in the vicinity of the Braña La Puerca on the road to Puerto Ventana, where you can find information on posters, information signs and also a large parking lot to leave the car and start the route.

The route is an easy and accessible trail, which can be done walking or cycling, it is easy to locate the place, as it is well signposted as Montegrande beech forest (the third largest forest extension in Asturias).

Come and see the deer rutting in Asturias.

Every early autumn in the Asturian forests you can enjoy the magnificent spectacle of "La Berrea", deer courting females to mate.

Very close to Apartamentos rurales Blanca there are places where you can go to see and hear them.

The usual season starts on September 15th and ends on October 15th approximately, depending on the temperatures and generally coinciding with the beginning of autumn.

The whole environment changes, because the deer rub their antlers against the trees, leaving countless marks on the ground, many of these made with blows against the ground, attracting the attention of competitors with whom they face with guttural sounds, until a winner is declared.

Discover the Prehistoric Park.

Representation of the most famous rock art caves in the world.

In the town of Teverga, very close to Apartamentos Rurales Blanca is the Prehistoric Park of Teverga, is the largest set of reproductions and exact copies of paintings and rock art in Europe, in which we can witness this exciting stage of humanity.

This park has two exhibition areas, which in turn have copies, facsimile reproductions, photographs, recreations, models and reconstructions; it also has a large service area; these facilities are integrated and mimicked in the natural landscape, and much of the facilities are underground.

During the tour you can find a complete circuit of audiovisual material, showing different aspects of the daily life of prehistoric man, which allows us to understand how Paleolithic art emerged.

The Perseids, a spectacle in the sky.

The Perseids, known as "Tears of San Lorenzo", due to the proximity to the festivities of San Lorenzo on August 10, are a set of shooting stars that simulate a shower of stars, visible every year between the first and second week of August.

Due to the good weather of the time of the year in which they usually appear, this star shower is one of the best known, because the clear sky and good temperature facilitate their observation.

They can be seen every year on the same dates, due to the fact that the earth in its translational movement meets annually with the particles produced by the Swift-Tuttle comet.

Its name is due to the constellation of Perseus, since in the past when they were discovered they were thought to come from this constellation, now it is known that they have no connection.

Climbing, adrenaline in its purest form.

Climbing is a sport that can provide a complete training, highlighting the muscular development of the upper area and improving the cardiovascular system.

There are multiple styles of climbing, which are differentiated by the environment where you climb and the materials or accessories used for can practice all this type of climbing very close to Apartamentos Rurales Blanca and if you want to get started in this sport you can access the Climbing School of Villa de Sub, just 2 km from our houses, contact us and ask for more information.